Handling carelessly might bring damage to it.  So it needs precaution whenever you polish it. Search for the granite polishing kits online shops. They offer varieties of polishing pads. The set of Granite Polishing Pads complete with Rubber Velcro Holder,Guest Posting densifier and sealer is available in the market or online.

For polishing and buffing marble or natural stone 4 inch diamond sanding pads are used to cure the item. These pads are designed with consistently embedded diamonds throughout the matrix for providing a lustrous appearance. These sanding pads come in a complete variety of grit values. These are available in black and white. The sanding pads are specially designed to increase the flexibility, flow of water and durability of the pad. For better maintenance the granite or diamond these pads are used along with the angle grinders. The design of concrete polishing pads is such that they bring shine to the top. You can use it for getting a glossy and attractive look of your flooring and countertops in several places, such as a show room, restaurants, retail shop and homes.

Many people have wrong ideas concrete grinding machine hire that the polished concrete floors cannot be so smooth and shiny as the marble floor surface or countertops. It is advisable to leave the floor surface for at least four to five weeks before polishing. In the case of concrete floor surface, it is better to take advice of a professional. After deciding of polishing, you have to consider about which kind of polishing should you take. There are two kinds of polishing, one is dry polishing and another is wet polishing. Two of these polishing are almost same.

The dry polishing works at slow speed and do not produce any watery mess. In contrast, the wet polishing can be done comparatively higher speed.  Now, the granite polishing pads are found in a set of seven pads including 4 inch diamond sanding pads which are ready for providing dry as well as wet polishing. So, do not require to buy different pads for different polishing. These sets of diamond pads are really amazing which are available in around 1.2 mm thick. These pads do not vibrate even when it is used at a higher speed. The rotation speed of these pads is 1800 in every minute and it can increase up to 3000 rotations in 60 seconds. This tool is durable enough and has the capability of aggressive cutting.


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